Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summary of CZM 2007-2008 and My Future Aspiration in the Environmental Sector

To summarise the work that we have covered in Coastal Zone Management 2007-2008 we were set the task of undertaking a conflict resolution analysis using the work of the Devon Maritime Forum and another actual or fictional example and evaluating how in both strategic and procedural terms resolution could best be achieved.

For this study I chose to look firstly at the DMF and the reasons behind the strategic management of the coastal zone i.e. social, economic and environmental balance, followed by the United Republic of Tanzania Ministry of Natural Resource and Tourism’s general management plan for Mafia Island Marine Park. My second year thesis was based around some of the management strategies for the marine park and having worked side by side with the marine park and other organisations such as WWF, which were responsible for the terrestrial and community based assessment, I considered my personal knowledge on the strategies for management within this area to be sufficient to evaluate how resolution could be or has been best achieved.

The same rules apply to pretty much every coastal zone area world-wide (balancing the social, economic and environmental needs within that particular area). How different bodies, organisations or governments achieve this is dependent on their own individual needs. Mafia Island Marine Park is based on a small Indo-Pacific Island of the East Coast of Tanzania and local marine resource use, social and economic need and the environmental understanding and awareness of the people is still very basic, therefore their strategies for management must focus heavily on not just dictating what activities or practices are to be prohibited, but also to raise community awareness about why detrimental activities have to be minimised or completely abolished. Stubborn mindedness with regards to the acceptance of change is still a problem in the UK, EU and small island communities such as Mafia, and I believe that resolution lies is the hands of the future generation, in teaching them the art of good evironmental practice, after all, it will soon be them that will have to deal with the outcome of years of environmental degradation.

St.lucia Coastal Waters Documentary (An example of coastal zone issues)

My Future aspiration in the Environmental Sector

My future aspirations for a career in the environmental sector are ever evolving and the more I learn about the subject the bigger the list of aspirations gets. Ideally, I would like to be involved in research, and at this moment in time, money is not one of my major drives. I suppose running my own research project is where I would like to see myself in a few years. Maybe creating a plan for global management! Who knows! I kind of like the whole Indiana Jones scenario. Work as a university professor by week, and go off on the quest for holy environmental grail by weekend!

Sr. Project Manager - Environmental
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